Know About Vimd

Visual Impairment with Multiple Disabilities.

Visual impairment with multiple disabilities implies the loss of vision or low vision along with Autism, cerebral palsy, Intellectual Disabilities, Hearing impairment or other disabilities for the child. The child will have vision impairment / low vision and one or two additional disabilities. This is known as Visual Impairment with Multiple Disabilities.

Difficulties for the children with Visual Impairment with Multiple Disabilities.

Children with Visual Impairment with multiple disabilities may exhibit a wide range of characteristics, depending on the combination and severity of disabilities and the children’s age.

  • May have difficulty forming interpersonal relationships
  • May have limited self-care skills and independent community living skills
  • A variety of medical problems may accompany severe disabilities. Examples include seizures, sensory loss, hydrocephalus, and scoliosis.
  • Many have challenges in doing simple movements
  • Might have problems related to mobility, communication skills, cognitive skills, motor skills, fine motor skills, daily living skills, social and recreation skills.